Nevada Jack Poker Chip Sets

Looking for the hottest set of chips in town? The Nevada Jack ceramic poker chip sets are top quality. Many casinos around the world use ceramic chips for their feel and durability. These chips provide that true casino feel, sound and experience and feature a truly unique graphic design that is printed directly on the chip. No labels here! This is the closest thing you are going to get to a true casino chip outside of Las Vegas!

At 10 grams each, these chips are closer the actual casino chip weights used in the casinos. They have a highly textured face and an extremely cool design depicting a poker playing skull holding the "dead man's hand". These casino grade chips have been available for sale since 2002 and have gained huge popularity because of their cool design and great feel.

Monte Carlo Poker ChipsNote: Your set may not include all denominations shown.

Set your home casino apart from the crowd with these truly unique and authentic casino-quality poker chip sets.

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