King's Casino Poker Chip Sets

Are you tired of seeing the same generic poker chip sets? Looking for a set of high quality casino grade chips that won't cost half your salary? The King's Casino casino grade clay composite poker chip is just what you are looking for!

These chips provide an incredible custom poker chip design and an even more incredible value. The colorful graphic inlay has been heat transferred so it won't come off like the other, low quality poker chip sets. The inlay set within a custom 14 gram clay composite molded poker chip that features unique 3-tone edge spots and intricate mold marks not found in those other poker chip sets out there. These chips look and feel great, and cost much less than comparable chip sets with this level of detail.

Kings Casino Poker ChipsNote: Your set may not include all denominations shown.

Get a set of these high quality casino chips today and turn your home casino into a unique and professional destination for any big fish!

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