Kamui Clear Black Laminated Leather Pool Cue Tip

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Brand: Kamui
Item #: KAMUI-CB
The KAMUI Clear Black laminated leather pool cue tip is made from 100% Japanese 10-layer pig skin leather. Sold as 1 tip, available in Hard, Medium, Soft or Super Soft.

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Kamui Clear Black Pool Cue Tip

100% Japanese 10-layer pig skin leather. Because of Kamui's unique production process, their tips maintain high porosity, allowing for better chalk retention and less mis-cueing. Each layer of a Kamui's tip is carefully laminated to create uniformity and high performance--higher than the industry standard.

These tips have the same properties as "regular" Kamui Black and Kamui Professional tips, but have been designed to achieve even better hit consistency by limiting the amount of glue that is absorbed into the bottom layers of the tip. This minimal amount of glue guarantees perfectly aligned installation for peak tip and cue performance.

Please note: To maximize adhesion with these tips, use a liquid-based superglue.

Hardness Selection Tips

(SS) Super Soft - Extraordinarily soft tip creates the least cue ball deflection and gives the cue the longest contact time with the cue ball, allowing the player to convert momentum into spin with little deflection. Suggested for advanced players on new cloth at a tournament.

(S) Soft - Reduces momentum of the cue ball, allowing the player to apply more English. Soft tips are more difficult to aim with, but give you a slower travel speed, allowing for better control over the cue ball.

(M) Medium - The best balance between cue ball spin and momentum, Medium tips adjust to most conditions well. Suggested for all players who understand cue ball spin and momentum.

(H) Hard - Kamui Hard tips are perfect for cues with low deflection. They give minimal contact time between the cue and ball, allowing players to retain full momentum and shoot straight even if English is applied.

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