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  • How to Change the Weight on a McDermott Pool Cue

    It seems that there is frequently some confusion around the cue weights on pool cues we sell, so we figured we would write up an article describing the process of adjusting the weight on a McDermott pool cue.

    All McDermott cues (with very few exceptions) come standard at 19oz weight. This includes their imported Lucky Cues and Star Cues, as well as their American-Made GS Series Cues and G Series Cues. While the American-Made cues are generally made-to-order and you can specify which weight you would like when it is made, the imported cues (Lucky, Star, etc) are pre-packaged at the 19oz standard weight. Continue reading

  • DK Gameroom Outlet is Now a Players Cues Authorized Dealer

    We are very proud to announce that we are now an authorized dealer for Players Cues. As we continue to grow, we continue to look to add product lines that we consider high quality. Players Cues is known for producing high quality, stylish cues that players love! Players has been producing killer designs for over 20 years, featuring some of the best technology and the best warranty in the industry. We are happy to add this new product line this fall. Watch for more announcements in the near future as we continue to add solid, high-performance products. Continue reading

  • How to Play Bridge, the Basics: Learn to Play this Timeless Classic Card Game

    Getting Your Feet Wet with Bridge

    Famous financier Warren Buffett once said, “Bridge is such a sensational game that I wouldn’t mind being in jail if I had three cellmates who were decent players, and who are willing to keep the game going 24 hours a day.”

    You could hardly think of any higher commendation when it comes to singing the praises of a game that British playwright and novelist, W. Somerset Maugham once noted as, “The most entertaining and intelligent card game the wit of man so far devised.”

    If you are considering joining the millions of Bridge players already playing the game, the list of rules and methods of scoring may appear a bit daunting, but the reality is that is does not take long before you begin to master the basics of the most fun you are ever going to have. Let's jump in and learn how to play bridge. Continue reading

  • Playing Blackjack by the Book (Without Buying the Book)

    Blackjack Dealer Shuffle

    How to Play Blackjack by the Book

    Heading out to the casino for a night of fun and gambling has always been a great way to spend the evening. The lights, sounds and atmosphere are all designed to maximize your enjoyment and excitement. Years ago, your choices were limited (at least in the U.S.). If you wanted to hit the casino, you had to go to Las Vegas or Atlantic City. Today, the choices are much greater. As more and more states have realized that casino gambling can provide an excellent source of revenue (and we all know how addicted they are to revenue), they have loosened up on their once prohibitive gambling laws to allow established casinos on land and on water. In addition, many Indian nations have established casinos under the Indian Gaming Regulatory Act of 1988.

    While this all makes getting to a casino much easier than it used to be, it also means that many people are hitting the machines or tables with little or no preparation. Of course, this is exactly what the casinos want to see. Continue reading

  • The First Step Towards Improving Billiards Shot Accuracy & Consistency

    Billiards is a fun and challenging game that is enjoyed by millions of people around the world. The game can be a great source of social enjoyment when played in bars and pubs with friends, but eventually a player wants to start improving their game, whether it is simply to hold up better against their friends, or start playing in weekly leagues or tournaments. Continue reading

  • Gregory Johnson Wins Main Event at 2014/2015 WSOP Circuit at Horseshoe Southern Indiana

    Season 11 of the World Series of Poker Circuit found its way back to the Horseshoe Southern Indiana this month. The season's fourth event wrapped up Monday with a $1,675 Main Event, which was the largest ever held at the Horseshoe Southern Indiana. The Main Event drew in 360 entries, providing a total prize pool of $540,000. The winner of the Event, Gregory Johnson from Carmel, IN, took home $124,200 in his first-ever WSOP Circuit win. Continue reading

  • Billiards Champion Challenges Customers at Greenville Cabela's

    Former world champion LoreeJon Hasson put out a challenge over the weekend to customers at the Greenville, SC Cabela's store. If any customer beat her, they would win free prizes from Cabela's. The selection included hats, t-shirts and other gifts.

    There was a catch though. If the customer loses to the eight-time world champion, they have to make a donation to Komen for the Cure to help support the fight against breast cancer. Continue reading

  • Viking Cue Releases 2015 Valhalla Cue Lineup

    Viking Valhalla Cues

    2015 Viking Valhalla Cue Lineup Available

    Viking Cue has updated their lineup of cues for the 2015 season. One of the areas that they have made great strides in is the Valhalla Cue line. These cues provide high quality pool cues at very affordable prices for the average player. Continue reading

  • Local Grocery Manager Thom Creel Wins Big at WSOP Bossier City Main Event

    It's the stuff that dreams are made of. Local grocery manager Thom Creel wins the ring in this week's WSOP circuit event at the Horseshoe Bossier City in Louisiana. The $144,537 win is by far his largest, as he had accumulated just $36,000 previously in his poker playing career. Continue reading

  • WSOPE: Jackie Glazier Wins First Women's Bracelet at World Series of Poker Europe

    In an historic event yesterday in France, Australian Jackie Glazier won the first ever women's gold bracelet event in the World Series of Poker Europe. The Ladies Event history goes all the way back to 1977 in Vegas, when Jackie McDaniel won the inaugural $100 buy-in event and pocketed $5,580. Yesterday, Glazier took home €21,850. Continue reading

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