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  • The Power of a Smooth Billiards Stroke : Billiards 101

    If you have been following along, we have already worked on getting a proper billiards stanceproper pool cue grip, and creating a good hand bridge. In this article, we will focus on developing a consistent, repeatable, smooth billiards stroke.

    The key to being a good pool player is being able to consistently reproduce a smooth and straight shot under any condition. This is incredibly similar to the sport of golf. Professional golf players spend years of practice, driving home a mechanical swing that they can consistently reproduce. The best pros have been able to build this stroke into their muscle memory and repeat it flawlessly even under the highest pressure. It doesn't come by accident. It takes skill, effort and persistence to get to the top level of the game. Continue reading

  • Making a Good Hand Bridge : Billiards 101

    Continuing along with our Billiards 101 series, we will focus on creating a good hand bridge. In the previous article, we discussed getting a good billiards grip. Once you have the stance and grip down, you are now ready to start lining your cue up for the shot. Building a proper hand bridge is an important step towards building your overall billiards shot accuracy. Continue reading

  • Get a Grip! Basics of a Good Pool Cue Grip: Billiards 101

    In our previous Billiards 101 article, Pool Stance Basics: Billiards 101, we discussed the importance of building a stable foundation for your pool cue stroke. The next step is to establish a solid pool cue grip to ensure you can stroke the cue straight through the shot.

    We will go over a few of the basics in this article that will help you to develop a solid, repeatable grip on your cue that will continue on our building of a solid foundation. The pool cue grip is an often overlooked, often misused yet very important piece of your overall billiards game. Without a good grip, you will never be able to shoot consistently with the power and control you want to achieve. Continue reading

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