New Valhalla Pool Cues for 2017

Valhalla Pool CuesValhalla pool cues is a highly popular line of pool cues by Viking Cue. Viking began their quest into the value pool cue line a few years back with the Valhalla cues, and they have expanded that line this year with 17 new models.

What's a Valhalla Pool Cue?

Valhalla cues are made in China under contract by Viking Cue. They offer quality maple construction, components and features with popular designs. Viking also offers a full lifetime warranty, including warpage, on these cues. These cues have become incredibly popular over the last few years due to their quality, style and warranty at a great price.

All Valhalla pool cues come with standard features such as hard rock maple shaft and forearm, pro shaft taper, stainless steel pin and more. It's hard to find a better value for your pool cue dollar.

What's New for 2017?

Viking has released 17 new Valhalla pool cue models for the 2017 season. A few of the models expand on their existing design styles, while a few other forge the way to new territory.

Solid Color Designs

  • Valhalla Pool Cue - VA118Valhalla VA118 Pool Cue - This white cue adds to the existing lineup with a clean, white cue with a linen wrap. The VA100 series cues are solid color, wrapless cues. The VA110 series cues, such as the 118, are the same solid cue designs with the addition of the linen wrap. The 118 adds the linen wrap to white Valhalla VA108 pool cue.
  • Valhalla Pool Cue - VA203Valhalla VA203 Pool Cue - An addition to the VA200 series, this white, wrapless model features a black tribal design in place of the wrap. It is a clean, simple design.
  • Valhalla Pool Cue - VA204Valhalla VA204 Pool Cue - Similar to the VA203 Valhalla cue, the 204 features a sleek black paint with a white tribal design in lieu of a wrap. Another great cue at a great price.
  • Viking Valhalla Pool Cue - VA234Valhalla VA234 Pool Cue - The VA234 is the last new 2017 Valhalla cue with the classic, solid color design. This cue is white with a linen wrap and a graphic overlay on the forearm.

New Graphic "Splash" Designs

The next three Valhalla cues come with a new color-splashed wrapless design. They each feature a black base color with a marbled color splashed across it along the sleeve and forearm. These are pretty cool-looking sticks.

  • Viking Valhalla VA211 Pool CueValhalla VA211 Pool Cue - The VA211 is a black cue with a splash of marbled blue European stain across the sleeve and forearm. This is definitely a unique looking pool stick.
  • Viking Valhalla VA212 Pool CueValhalla VA212 Pool Cue - The VA212 is similar to the 211, with a black base paint splattered with a red marbled European stain on the sleeve and forearm.
  • Valhalla Pool Cue - VA213Valhalla VA213 Pool Cue - Wrapping up the new "Splash" designs is the Valhalla VA213. This cue h about on the black base coat.

New HD Graphic "Tech" Designs

Two of the new Valhalla pool cues feature HD graphic overlays creating a very high tech looking design. These cues look new, clean and unlike just about any other cue design out there. Their wrapless design allows the HD graphic overlay to dominate the sleeve of the cue.

  • Viking Valhalla VA461 Pool CueValhalla VA461 Pool Cue - The VA461 pool cue is the first in the Valhalla line with the sleek, new HD tech design. This cue features an ultra opaque white paint covered with an intricate HD graphic overlay.
  • Viking Valhalla VA462 Pool CueValhalla VA462 Pool Cue - The VA462 Valhalla pool cue features a similar, high tech HD graphic overlay with purple accents. These are great looking cues.

Traditional HD Graphic Overlays

There are also three new 400 series Valhalla cues which feature more traditional style HD graphic transfers than their "Tech" counterparts above.

  • Viking Valhalla VA471 Pool CueValhalla VA471 Pool Cue - The VA471 has a multicolor HD graphic transfer that is mostly a bright blue. The design is classic in nature, but looks clean and sharp.
  • Viking Valhalla Pool Cue - VA481Valhalla VA481 Pool Cue - Another new cue in the Valhalla 400 series is the VA481. This cue features a traditional honey finish with red, white and black accents in the HD graphic overlay.
  • Viking Valhalla VA491 Turquoise Pool CueValhalla VA491 Pool Cue - Finishing off the new 400 series cues is the VA491. This cue has a jet black base coat covered by an intricate turquoise, white and grey HD graphic overlay.

New Valhalla 600 Series Cues

This year, Viking has released 3 new Valhalla cues in a new 600 series. These cues feature intricate full color point overlays, 3 nickel silver rings and an Irish linen wrap for comfort and control.

  • Viking Valhalla VA601 Pool CueValhalla VA601 Pool Cue - The first Valhalla cue in the 600 series is the VA601. This cue features a deep red base paint covered by intricate graphic point overlays in black, white and turquoise. It is a high quality pool stick with the looks of a custom pool cue at a fraction of the cost.
  • Viking Valhalla Pool Cue - VA602Valhalla VA602 Pool Cue - The VA602 Valhalla pool cue has a midnight black base paint covered by 6 full-colored point overlays with intricate designs in turquoise and white. It is another high-end looking cue at a great price point.
  • Viking Valhalla Pool Cue - VA603Valhalla VA603 Pool Cue - The last cue in the new Valhalla 600 series is the VA603. This cue is a wrapless version that has a black base paint covered by full color point overlays. It also has a rich brown overlay along the sleeve, where the wrap would be. The accents are in turquoise, white and shades of brown.

High-End Graphic Overlays

Wrapping up the new Valhalla lineup for 2017 are two new high-end graphic overlay pool cues. Each of these cues has solid hard rock maple construction with deep European stains and HD graphic overlays providing the high-end looks of a custom made pool cue.

  • Viking Valhalla VA891 Pool CueValhalla VA891 Pool Cue - The incredible Valhalla VA891 pool cue features a deep brown European stain base with full-color HD graphic point overlays and nickel silver rings. The cue is wrapless, with a classic honey stain on the sleeve. The full-color HD graphic overlays have intricate turquoise accents.
  • Viking Valhalla VA951 Turquoise Pool CueValhalla VA891 Pool Cue - Finishing off the new Valhalla cues for 2017 is the top-of-the-line VA951. This cue features black and brown European stains on the butt, sleeve and forearm. Incredibly intricate HD graphic turquoise point overlays cover the sleeve and forearm. Killer style, killer performance.

Wrapping Up

As you can see, the new Valhalla pool cues provide a mixture of simple, classic, traditional and graphic designs. The Valhalla pool cue line has been enormously popular since they were released a few years ago and it is good to see these additions to the line.

Check out the full Valhalla Pool Cues lineup and find the right cue for you today!

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