McDermott Cues Releases New Lucky Pool Cues for 2017

McDermott Cues has been a leading manufacturer of high quality pool cues for many years. A few years back, they introduced their new, affordable Lucky pool cue line. These cues provide a great value for the average play. They come in a variety of classic designs in a quality construction for under $100. Needless to say, these cues have become extremely popular with players around the world.

This year, McDermott released 15 new models in the Lucky pool cue line. What's different this year is that they have departed their trend for traditional pool cue designs and have released some more exciting graphic cues in the line. These cues all have the same quality you expect from McDermott Cue, but still fall into the Lucky cue's target of under $100.

Here is a brief rundown of the new cues:

Lucky 54-57 Pool Cues - Traditional Designs

McDermott Lucky Cues L54 - L57

The Lucky 54, Lucky 55, Lucky 56 and Lucky 57 pool cues have a more traditional look with a wood burl overlay and diamond-shaped overlay points. They also include a series of overlay rings that help give these cues their classic look. Made with hard rock maple construction, the cues come with a textured wrap for comfort an grip.

Lucky 58-62 Pool Cues - Graphic Overlays

McDermott Lucky Pool Cues L58 - L62

Here is where it starts to get fun! The new McDermott Lucky L58-L62 pool cues depart from the traditional designs and provide bright colors and intricate graphic overlays. These cues still come with the high quality hard rock maple construction you expect from McDermott cues, but throw in a twist with their graphics and colors. They also come with an Irish linen wrap for comfort and control. These cues definitely stand out in a room!

  • McDermott Lucky L58 Pool Cue - The L58 features a bright magenta paint job with silver rings and black/metallic silver forearm and sleeve overlays. This is one hot cue that has been moving fast!
  • McDermott Lucky L59 Pool Cue - The Lucky L59 cue comes with a unique purple paint job, silver rings and a different overlay design using metallic silver.  This is another great looking pool stick at a great price!
  • McDermott Lucky L60 Pool Cue - Finishing off the trifecta of color is the L60 Lucky pool cue. This is a bright yellow stick with tribal forearm and sleeve overlays in black and metallic silver. Another fast mover, these cues don't stay on the shelf long.
  • McDermott Lucky L61 Pool Cue - The L61 combines a more traditional black and grey colors with the highlight of the metallic silver overlay graphics. This cue looks simple, sleek and cool.
  • McDermott Lucky L62 Pool Cue - Finishing off this group of new graphic designs from McDermott cues is the Lucky L62. It comes in a sleek and slippery black paint with intricate red and metallic silver graphic overlays on the sleeve and forearm.

Lucky L63-L68 Pool Cues - Graphic Images

McDermott Lucky Pool Cues L63-L68

The last set of cues in the new McDermott Lucky Cue lineup marks the first time you can get full graphic image overlay on Lucky Cues. These cues feature the same solid hard rock maple construction of the others with black paint, silver rings and an Irish linen wrap for comfort and control. They also, of course, come with intense graphic images on the sleeves.

  • McDermott Lucky L63 "Butterfly Eye" - The L63 "Butterfly Eye" features an intense eye graphic image overlay on the sleeve. It also includes intricate forearm overlays. It is a great looking custom graphic cue at an affordable price.
  • McDermott Lucky L64 "Dueling Dragon" - The L64 "Dueling Dragon" feature the same quality construction but includes an amazing graphic image of dueling fire dragons on the sleeve. It also has flame graphic overlays on the forearm. This is definitely a fire stick!
  • McDermott Lucky L65 "Leprechaun" - Here's a head-turner with a ghoulish leprechaun holding the luck of the Irish. Keep this cue handy to add some luck to your game, but be careful not to piss him off.
  • McDermott Lucky L66 "Neon Tiger" - This tiger means business. The graphics on this cue are amazing, and definitely set this cue apart from the crowd. The intricate tiger design is overlaid in neon blue and red on the sleeve and compliments the tribal designs on the forearm.
  • McDermott Lucky L67 "Owl" - Make wise choices with this owl graphic overlay Lucky Cue from McDermott cues. The intricate owl graphic overlay is keeping an eye on the game while the quality hard rock maple construction takes care of business.
  • McDermott Lucky L68 "Jaguar" - Rounding off the new McDermott Cues for 2017's Lucky Cue line is this fabulous jaguar graphic overlay cue. This cue provides killer looks with killer performance.

Great Cues, Great Prices

As you can see, McDermott has clearly taken a turn towards more graphic designs in their latest releases for the Lucky Cue lineup. These cues look great, and play great, at an incredible price. Together with the full McDermott Lucky Pool Cue lineup, this is a great lineup of affordable pool cues from one of the top manufacturers in the industry.

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