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  • Playing Blackjack by the Book (Without Buying the Book)

    Blackjack Dealer Shuffle

    How to Play Blackjack by the Book

    Heading out to the casino for a night of fun and gambling has always been a great way to spend the evening. The lights, sounds and atmosphere are all designed to maximize your enjoyment and excitement. Years ago, your choices were limited (at least in the U.S.). If you wanted to hit the casino, you had to go to Las Vegas or Atlantic City. Today, the choices are much greater. As more and more states have realized that casino gambling can provide an excellent source of revenue (and we all know how addicted they are to revenue), they have loosened up on their once prohibitive gambling laws to allow established casinos on land and on water. In addition, many Indian nations have established casinos under the Indian Gaming Regulatory Act of 1988.

    While this all makes getting to a casino much easier than it used to be, it also means that many people are hitting the machines or tables with little or no preparation. Of course, this is exactly what the casinos want to see. Continue reading

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