Gregory Johnson Wins Main Event at 2014/2015 WSOP Circuit at Horseshoe Southern Indiana

Season 11 of the World Series of Poker Circuit found its way back to the Horseshoe Southern Indiana this month. The season's fourth event wrapped up Monday with a $1,675 Main Event, which was the largest ever held at the Horseshoe Southern Indiana. The Main Event drew in 360 entries, providing a total prize pool of $540,000. The winner of the Event, Gregory Johnson from Carmel, IN, took home $124,200 in his first-ever WSOP Circuit win.

Johnson was excited to get the cash, but says the ring was the most important part. The 63 year-old has taken the game seriously, and has worked hard to get here.

"I’ve had some good runs [in WSOP events], but never been able to actually completely win the whole thing,” he said. “That’s been a frustration to me so I would study harder and harder like I did when I was in dental school. I couldn’t seem to get it done. I want the money, but it’s more important to me to actually win the ring and get validation from other poker players."

Seated at the final table with him were some of the most prolific players on the Circuit. Doug "Rico" Carli, who holds the title for the most cashes ever on the Circuit, finished 8th ($14,623), which was his 88th career WSOP Circuit cash. Charles "Woody" Moore, who has the second most cashes on the Circuit, finished 6th ($23,928) for his 49th Career cash on the Circuit. Moore also won the Casino Champion honors, gaining 95 points. He becomes the only person ever to qualify for the WSOP National Championship for all four years.

One thought on “Gregory Johnson Wins Main Event at 2014/2015 WSOP Circuit at Horseshoe Southern Indiana”

  • Noel Evans

    Amazing - good for him! I've always wanted to play well enough to compete but my nerves would most definitely get the better of me.

    I love that he said the money's ok but what he really wanted was the thrill of finally winning validation from his fellow players.

    Again - kudos!

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