Monthly Archives: September 2013

  • DK Gameroom Outlet is Now an Authorized Viking Cue Dealer!

    We are pleased to announce that DK Gameroom Outlet has become an authorized dealer of Viking Cues. In our efforts to continually expand and offer additional product options to our customers, we have secured a relationship with Viking Cue that will allow us to offer their entire product line of high quality pool cues and accessories. Continue reading

  • How To Change a Billiards Pool Cue Tip

    A question that often comes up is "How do I change my tip?". If you play billiards regularly, you will most likely need to change the tip at one time or another. The leather tip on a pool cue is designed to maximize impact with the cue ball while providing various levels of cushioning and control. Over time, the tips will wear out and need replacement. Continue reading

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