KEM Plastic Playing Cards Get a New Case

Some of our customers who have been buying KEM 100% plastic playing cards for years have noticed that the plastic protective case that is included with the set has changed. What's up with that?

The old case featured the KEM logo on the cover and had evolved a bit over the years as The United States Playing Card Company took over KEM back in 2004. Early versions of the case included a plastic tag that was attached on the case to cover the old KEM Card Company address, and a later version had the new US Playing Card info directly on the case.

The new version that is out this year does not include the KEM logo, or any reference to KEM. It has the United States Playing Card Company logo and name on the cover, and the bottom is bare. The case appears a bit bulkier than previous versions and seems to weigh just a bit more.

So, you may ask, why the new case? According to The United States Playing Card Company (the manufacturers of KEM plastic playing cards), the new case was designed to resolve a quality issue with the old cases. The new case has a better air seal and does not allow air to enter the case. In the older cases, the top card would eventually start to curl when kept in the case for long periods of time. This new case design, with the better and tighter air seal is meant to stop that from happening.

So, while some people may be upset that the new case does not have the KEM logo, it actually offers better protection for your playing cards.

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