Copag Plastic Playing Cards Info

What is the difference between 100% plastic cards and plastic coated paper or plain paper playing cards?

100% plastic playing cards are exactly as their name implies: they are made from 100% plastic.  These cards have the characteristics of plastic and are extremely durable, flexible and water resistant. 100% plastic playing cards will last significantly longer than plastic coated or paper playing cards. They are more secure because they are very difficult to mark during play. Although 100% plastic cards are more expensive than paper based playing cards, their cost per hour of play is significantly lower than a typical paper deck of playing cards.

Are 100% plastic cards used in casinos?

The primary use for 100% plastic playing cards in the casino is in the poker room. Since poker is a game where the players handle the cards extensively, plastic cards are preferred due to the durability and additional security that they provide over their paper counterparts.  COPAG cards are used in casinos throughout the world and are dealt in many of the finest poker rooms across the United States.

Are COPAG cards used in televised poker events?

COPAG was the official card for the World Series of Poker in 2005 and 2006. The World Series of Poker (WSOP) is a first class event and they chose COPAG for the quality that our cards bring to the table. COPAG cards also are being used in the 2008 Heartland Poker Tour.

Why do plastic playing cards cost more than a regular deck of playing cards?

There are many reasons for the price difference. The process of manufacturing plastic playing cards is much more involved than that of paper playing cards. Additionally, the plastic raw material is more expensive than paper stock.

Do COPAG cards have a warranty?

COPAG has a limited guarantee. Within each deck you will find a guarantee card. Each guarantee card states that if a manufacturing defect is found in a COPAG deck before it has been extensively used, we will be glad to replace it. Keep your guarantee card in case you need it before extensively using your playing cards. The warranty department's contact information is included in the guarantee card.

What is the difference between poker size and bridge size cards?

A poker size playing card, also known as wide size, is 2.5 inches wide by 3.45 inches tall. A bridge size playing card, also known as narrow size, is 2.25 inches wide by 3.5 inches tall. Other than the size difference, both decks are the same. In fact, most poker rooms across the United States deal a bridge size playing card in their poker rooms. Both are perfectly acceptable for any game that uses a standard deck of playing cards.

What is the different between a jumbo indexed and a regular indexed playing card?

The index refers to the size of the pip on the face of a playing card. A pip is the number or letter and the corresponding suit that is displayed in the upper left and bottom right hand corners of a playing card. A Jumbo Index has a larger pip. The number or letter is about ½ inch tall. A regular index is smaller and the number or letter is about ¼ tall.

Do 100% plastic playing cards feel the same as paper based playing cards?

100% plastic playing cards have a different feel than paper playing cards. The surface is smoother and the card is generally more flexible. A smooth flexible plastic card improves dealing and speeds up game play. A flexible card is also more durable.

How do I clean my COPAG cards?

In order to clean your COPAG cards, please follow these instructions:

  • Use cold water, mild neutral soap solution and a soft cloth only. Never use hot water for washing.
  • Clean only a few cards at a time.
  • Rub very lightly on both sides and rinse quickly.
  • Dry thoroughly using a clean soft cloth.
  • Spread cards on a table and allow up to one hour on each side to dry; avoid direct sunshine or proximity of heating elements.
  • For a quick cleaning, you can just wipe the cards off with a damp cloth and let dry.
  • Never use detergent or alkaline soap.
  • Never wash COPAG cards in a washing machine.
  • Never put COPAG cards away damp.
  • Play on a dye-proof, soft table only.
  • Never store Copag cards exposed to sunshine or any other source of heat.

How long will COPAG cards last?

The longevity of your COPAG cards differs depending on how they are handled during play.  Therefore, we can not give an accurate length of time that they will last. However, 100% plastic playing cards will last significantly longer than paper playing cards.